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intl-studentsAs a student, don’t you think it would be beneficial if an experience educational professional consultant, with direct links and partnership with accredited educational institutions and training provider abroad.  We will help you find the suitable course &  educational institution overseas,  to help boost your career for the future.

We also send latest updates about  study abroad opportunites and admissions  process  directly to our students upon request.  All-important information about International summer internships, placement options, higher study options abroad and guide you with latest information about available scholarships and eligibility requirements.

Thus, Fidelity Educational Consultant will help every of their students and clients by sending them a newsletter every month – full of opportunities in various spheres and tips on developing their career. The difference is that we will recommend you to an expert who will guide you personally throughout your study abroad application  process.

So, if you want to receive expert information on tips for career development /scholarships/ new opportunities / international internships/ placements or study options simply contact us with essential details about your interest areas, based on which our team will send you information and connect you to an expert who will assist you further.

Please note: Experts are external advisors/ Education Consultants, Fidelity Educational Consultant takes all their clients seriously and provide the with the most current information available to help them in selecting the best course for their career.

Key benefits to Uniagents Student members are:

  • Apply to Institution’s globally or find Consultants
  • Online Courses at all levels for students and working professionals from institutions in 70+ countries.
  • Find a Mentor: connect to renowned Emeritus Professors.
  • Expert information on Career Development.
  • International Internship & Work Opportunities.
  • International Summer Schools in World Top Universities specially designed for students and working professionals.

Benefits for Applying Through Fidelity Educational Consultants

  • Highly sophisticated networked operations for quick turn-around time
  • Fully trained staff in student visa and immigration matters.
  • Interactive web page with up to date status reports.
  • Immediate response to client needs
  • Friendly, caring and efficient workers
  • Expertise and experience
  • Very High rate of success in all application filed
  • Highly automated and computerized systems and enhanced technological innovations
  • Back up system in place for all documentation
  • Case management system that not only makes each staff member responsible for every action, but also smoothens the communication lines between the firm and each client
  • Client’s confidentiality and interest is protected at any cost.